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Lukov Vl. A. , Zakharov N. V., Gaydin B. N. The New Information Technologies and Philological Sciences: the Complex Approach to the Higher Education

Abstract: Based on the experience of integration the new information technolo-gies into philological sciences the article presents a complex approach to the modern state of higher education in Russia. As the examples two Internet pro-jects of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies of Moscow University for the Humanities are chosen: “The Information and Research Database «Russian Shakespeare»” and “The World of Shakespeare: an Electronic Encyclopedia”.

Keywords: The new information technologies, philological sciences, the complex approach, higher education, information and research database, electronic encyclopedia, «Russian Shakespeare», «The World of Shakespeare».
The work was conducted with the financial support of the Russian Scientific Humanitarian Fund (RSHF (РГНФ), grant №08-04-12128b).

“The Information and Research Database «Russian Shakespeare»” includes the publication of the translations of the Shakespeare’s works in the Russian language, free arrangements and alterations of his works, the publication of critical works and studies on general questions of the Shakespeare’s creative works, the problem of authorship, the history of Shakespeare studies, the separate works of great playwrights, their theatrical and cinematographic versions.

The electronic scientific edition publishes the sources, many of which are inaccessible to the majority of the researchers. All texts are prepared in accordance with the textological requirements, which are set to electronic publication of texts of the classical literature. The inquiry references to the extensive information resources on Shakespeare on the Internet are presented.

“The Information and Research Database «Russian Shakespeare»” contains of full-text electronic library representing the main texts, which characterize the formation of the Shakespeare literary reputation and the perception of his heritage in the Russian culture of the XVIII–XXI centuries.

It is was created for researchers, lecturers, directors and actors of thea-tre and cinema, all worshippers of Shakespeare's creative works, it can be used in research, teaching, translation and creative activity.

The Federal Service of Supervision over Observance of Legislation in Mass Media Sphere and Protection of the Cultural Inheritance gave out the evidence about the registration of the media (Эл №ФС77-25028) “Russian Shakespeare” as electronic periodical edition in social and educational sphere. The domain was registered.

The copyright is not applied to the most of the prepared texts. If there is copyright on the publication of some translations, then such items will be published only when the rightholders give their permission.

The project “The World of Shakespeare: an Electronic Encyclopedia” is an original part of a complex research of Shakespeare’s heritage and its global significance. The project’s ultimate goal is to develop and implement, and publish an electronic dictionary «The World of Shakespeare: an Electronic Encyclopedia» as an information web-resource by the year 2010. The project will be further maintained and updated on the Internet, after the fulfillment of grant obligations.

The project aims at the solution of scientific problems that include thorough comprehension and all-round representation of the importance of Shakespeare and his work for Russian culture and the rest of the modern world. The urgency of this scientific problem consists in an absolute necessity to systematize the extensive data about the penetration of Shakespeare into the world-wide cultural thesaurus, with a view to deeper understanding of Russian culture. The concretization of the problem consists in revealing the uniqueness of The World of Shakespeare and enhancement of the significance of the Russian tradition in the perception and research on the British playwright’s heritage in the world of Shakespeare studies.

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