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Tishchenko P. D. The Goals of Moral Reflection

In attempting to impose order on the moral relationships in medical practice, medical ethics is in danger of suppressing the authentic values of practitioners and patients alike. Moreover medical ethics can be paternalistic, first inciting a perceived need for "professional" frameworks of moral analysis then supplying such frameworks with­out regard for their effects on actual practice, such as a dependence on the explana­tory rhetoric of medical ethical analysis, ironically based on a highly artificial notion of "autonomy," and on the reduction of personal moral deliberation to the mere fol­lowing of protocols and the filling out of forms.


Yudin B. G. A Historical and Ethical Examination of the Khabarovsk War Crimes Trial

A trial of Japanese biowarfare scientists took place in Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, in December 25-30, 1949. 12 Japanese military were accused in the manufacture and use of bacteriological weapons during World War Two.


Kofler W. Sechenov Lecture 2004

Part A deals with the Sechenov and his links to and compatibilities with the “extended view”. Part B proposes a draft of a blueprint of a model for the evolutionary process starting with the very early beginning up to the 21st century. This model seems to be compatible with the different sectoral views of parts of this process, which is explained by different “natural” and “non-natural sciences”.

News 13 - 15 of 22
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