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Lukov Vl. A. , Zakharov N. V., Gaydin B. N. The New Information Technologies and Philological Sciences: the Complex Approach to the Higher Education

“The Information and Research Database «Russian Shakespeare»” includes the publication of the translations of the Shakespeare’s works in the Russian language, free arrangements and alterations of his works, the publication of critical works and studies on general questions of the Shakespeare’s creative works, the problem of authorship, the history of Shakespeare studies, the separate works of great playwrights, their theatrical and cinematographic versions.


Baldwin T. W. Shakespeare’s Small Latine And Lesse Greeke

My ultimate objective is to write on 'The Evolution of William Shakespeare' in the sense of how under the existing circumstances he worked himself out. For such an undertaking, it is necessary to know as much as possible of the formal education to which he was subjected, not only directly, but also indirectly through absorption from others. Whether or not Shakspere ever spent a single day in petty or grammar school, nonetheless petty and grammar school were a powerful shaping influence upon him, as they were, and were planned to be, upon the whole society of his day. Directly and through others these instruments would help to mould Shakspere. How much of himself did Shakspere realize from them?


Tishchenko P. D. Genomics: New Science in the New Cultural Situation

Genomics is a prototype of the coming "neo-Vesalian" biomedicine and health care of the near future. As Victor McKusik writes: "Specialists in all medical areas will approach the study of their most puzzling diseases by first mapping the genes responsible for them. Thus, just as Vesalius’s anatomical text of 1543 formed the basis for the physiology of William Harvey (1628) and the morbid anatomy of Morgagni (1761), gene mapping is having a widely pervasive influence on medicine". From this point of view genomics means new imaginative and pragmatic "localization" of human problems.

News 4 - 6 of 22
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