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Thomas Heywood (N. V. Zakharov)

The article was prepared within the framework of a project of Russian Foundation for the Humanities, “Information and Research Database Shakespeare’s Contemporaries: An Electronic Scientific Publication” (grant No. 11-04-12064в).

(Moscow University for the Humanities)

Abstract ◊ This is an encyclopedic article on a Shakespeare's contemporary, Thomas Heywood.

Keywords: Thomas Heywood, Shakespeare's contemporaries.

Zakharov Nikolay Vladimirovich, Ph.D., Candidate of Science (philology), deputy director of the Theory and History of Culture Center of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies at Moscow University for the Humanities, the aide of the rector of Moscow University for the Humanities, full member of the International Academy of Science (Innsbruck, Austria), the academic secretary of the Shakespeare Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-75-95. E-mail:


Citation: Zakharov N. V. Kheivud Tomas // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2013. № 1. S. 294–299.



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