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Fursov A. I. and Fursov K. A. World Capitalist System: New Scenarios of Development (Jacques Attalis Version)

(Moscow University for the Humanities,
The Institute of System and Strategic Analysis, Moscow City),
(The Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Abstract ♦ The article analyzes scenarios of the development of the world capitalist system suggested by a prominent ideologist of mondialism Jacques Attali in his latest works. He sees the solution of the contemporary crisis in the creation of a world government. In his opinion, the world is being pushed in this direction by five shocks, i.e. the 9/11 terrorist act; the booming development of the Internet and mobile network; the financial crisis of 2008; the wave of changes, which appeared in Eastern Europe and has reached the Arab East today; the Fukushima catastrophe that has raised the issue of the world control over nuclear resources.

Attali analyzes history and present-day events in the light of the change of Merchant orders. The contemporary one the ninth is going through an extremely acute crisis, which will end with the demise of Pax Americana. Then a furcation will occur. In Attalis view, either world government will be established at once or it will emerge as a result of a three-move process of the 2020-2060s: hyperempire (market without democracy), hyperconflict and hyperdemocracy with a supranational government at its head.

The analysis of Attalis works shows that he expresses the interests of the top of the world capitalist class that adheres to ultra-globalist positions and works for the subversion of the sovereignty of nation-states. The terminology used by Attali, particularly sustainable development / sustainable growth (in reality, it is the combination of deindustrialization, depopulation and ecologism), indicates his neo-Malthusian and neo-colonialist preferences. Sustainable development is a metaphor of the new world order (à la Orwells Newspeak), which is nothing more than control over resources (including information ones) and human behaviour (psychosphere). The main thing in this order is the preservation of power, property and privileges of the worlds elite whose ideological representative Attali is.

Keywords: capitalism, global control, globalization, market, democracy, Jacques Attali.

Fursov Andrey Ilich, Candidate of Science (history), director of the Russian Studies Center of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies, Moscow University for the Humanities, director of the Institute of System and Strategic Studies, full member of the International Academy of Science (Innsbruck, Austria), member of the Union of Writers of Russia. Postal address: 5 Yunosti St., Moscow, Russian Federation, 111395. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-59-61. E-mail:

Fursov Kirill Andreevich, Candidate of Science (history), senior researcher at the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Postal address: 11 Mokhovaya St., B. 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125009. Tel.: +7 (495) 629-43-49. E-mail:


Citation: Fursov, A. I. and Fursov, K. A. (2014) Mirovaia kapitalisticheskaia sistema: novye stsenarii razvitiia (versiia Zhaka Attali) [World Capitalist System: New Scenarios of Development (Jacques Attalis Version)]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 1, pp. 102114. (In Russ.).

Submission date: 6.10.2013.



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Attali, J. (2011) Demain, qui gouvernera le monde? Paris, Fayard. 418 . (In Fr.).

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