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Gorelova T. A. and Declercq I. V. The Binary Code of Intersubjective Communication

(Moscow University for the Humanities)

Abstract ♦ In this article, the authors investigate the phenomenon of communication from the standpoint of philosophical anthropology. This approach shows the communication as a manifestation not only of the social, but also of the existential human nature. The communication establishes relations between a person and the world, or between a person and the Other (and society), or God, etc. The relation "Myself — the Other" gets a special status. Two active parts (one transfers information, the other receives it) establish intersubjective communication. Intersubjective communication has special characteristics of: dialogical interaction; intersubjectivity (a profound understanding of the message); conversation as a condition of the fusion of the message, information and understanding; the presence of a personality. The authors consider the structure of intersubjective communication based on A. Maslow’s conception of the basic needs. They argue that there are six levels in the structure of intersubjective communication: primitive, traditionally oriented, socially oriented, progressive and synthesizing, spiritual, and spiritually reformative levels. The development of mass media and the "network society" has a great impact on the structure of communication. These phenomena create an element of unreality and result in an effect, which can be called "the archaization of communication", because primitive forms of intersubjective communication (mass, social, everyday, family, erotic) become dominating and the information they contain becomes more mythical and mystical.

Keywords: communication, requirement, subject, interaction, society, virtuality, anthropology, spirituality.

Gorelova Tatyana Anatolievna, Doctor of Science (philosophy), professor of the Philosophy, Culturology and Politology Department, Moscow University for the Humanities. Postal address: 5 Yunosti St., Moscow, Russian Federation, 111395. Tel. +7 (499) 374-55-11. E-mail:

Declercq Irina Viacheslavovna, postgraduate of the Philosophy, Culturology and Politology Department, Moscow University for the Humanities. Postal address: 5 Yunosti St., Moscow, Russian Federation, 111395. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-55-11. E-mail: Research advisor — Doctor of Science (philosophy) T. A. Gorelova.


Citation: Gorelova, T. A. and Declercq, I. V. (2014) Binarnyi kod mezhsub"ektnoi kommunikatsii [The Binary Code of Intersubjective Communication]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 1, pp. 61–72. (In Russ.)

Submission date: 15.10.2013.



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