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Zavyalova N. A. Cultural Communicative Formulae as the Current Stage of Culture Genesis

(Ural State University of Railway Transport)

Abstract ♦ The article deals with culture genesis within the framework of present-day mass media with the main focus on universal cultural communicative formulae (CCF) typical of the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. The author stresses the cultural relevance of CCFs, which are analogous to cultural artifacts. Cultural significance of CCFs is achieved through the function of knowledge transmission from a generation to other generations. The social function of CCFs is realized through social norms indispensable for the sustainable development of modern society. The article is written in cross-cultural and comparative keys, highlighting philosophical reflections of modern communicative processes.

The sociocultural dynamics is construed in accordance with the theory of the thesaurus approach to the conceptualization of the person and his/her world developed by distinguished Russian scholars Valery A. Lukov and Vladimir A. Lukov. The article also makes use of the communication theories by Jeffrey C. Alexander and N. Luhmann.

The article stresses the significance of communication for both philosophy and social culture. The modern communicative sphere is described as having universal features, the analysis of which leads to a profound understanding of culture genesis. CCFs are characterized by retrospective nature and elastic contexts, reflecting the dynamics of changing day-to-day life.

CCFs successfully mirror public relations and society development. The social nature of these phenomena brings them to the front of a multi-aspect investigation. In present-day Russia, such formulae as ‘shale gas revolution’, ‘Crimea is ours!’, ‘cold war’ are perfect reflections of the mindset of the contemporary Russian society. Owing to their retrospective nature, CCFs use past experience to outline meanings relevant to a particular sociocultural code in the present. Actively participating in social interaction, CCFs form an integral part of both enculturation and socialization. The advent of electronic media and the rise of new cultural trends transformed CCFs into vivid examples of postmodern cultural patterns and characteristic reflections of how the socio-cultural dynamics develops.

Keywords: electronic communication, thesaurus, subjectivity, cultural and communicative formulae, universal cultural features, communicative processes, culture genesis.

Zavyalova Natalya Alekseevna, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Cross-cultural Communication, Ural State University of Railway Transport. Postal address: 66 Kolmogorova St., Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620034. Tel.: +7 (343) 221-24-30. E-mail:


Citation: Zavyalova, N. A. (2015) Kul'turnye kommunikativnye universalii kak sovremennyi etap razvitiia kul'tury [Cultural communicative formulae as the current stage of culture genesis]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 1, pp. 77–88. DOI: 10.17805/zpu.2015.1.7 (In Russ.).

Submission date:  5.01.2015.



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