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Oshchepkov . R. Russian Concentre in the French Literary Conscience of the 19th Century

(The Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language),
(Moscow Pedagogical State University)

Abstract ◊ The article covers some tendencies of reception of Russian literature in the French literary conscience of the XIX century. The authors make a conclusion about the formation of Russian literary concentre only it the end of the XIX century, mark the role of E.-M. de Vogüé as the author of “The Russian Novel” in the formation of the Russian literary concentre.

Keywords: literary concentre, reception, image of Russia, naturalism, Russian novel.

Oshchepkov Alexey Romanovich, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor,World Literature Department, the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language. Tel.: +7 (495) 335-07-33. E-mail:

Trykov Valery Pavlovich, Doctor of Philology, Professor, World Literature Department, Moscow State Pedagogical University, full member of the International Academy of Science (Innsbruck). Tel.: +7 (495) 735-59-48. E-mail:


Citation: Oshchepkov, A. R. and Trykov, V. P. (2010) Russkii kontsentr vo frantsuzskom literaturnom soznanii XIX veka [Russian Concentre in the French Literary Conscience of the 19th Century]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 2, pp. 146–151. (In Russ.).



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