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Fedotova L. V. The Search for National Identity as the Main Vector of Romanticism Development

(Armavir Linguistic Social Institute)

Abstract ◊ It is shown in the article that national identity formation occurred during the epoch of romanticism. This was caused by consummation of construction of nations and national culture. For romanticists the national specific character was substantially marked by ethnocultural features.

Keywords: Romanticism, literature, national culture, ethnic culture, locally-specific, universal, identity.

Fedotova Linda Vladislavovna — a Candidate of Science (philology), associate professor, the dean of the Linguistics Faculty at Armavir Linguistic Social Institute. Tel.: +7 (6137) 5-63-94. E-mail:


Citation: Fedotova L. V. Poisk natsional'noi identichnosti kak osnovnoi vektor razvitiia romantizma // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2011. № 1. S. 173–178.



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