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Soboleva N. V. Intellectual and Historical Novel “Memoirs of Hadrian” by M. Yourcenar: Patterning of Genre and Thematic Complex

(Moscow Pedagogical State University)

Abstract ◊ The article covers the problem of genre peculiarity of intellectual and historical novel in the 20th century by the example of M. Yourcenar’s novel “Memoirs of Hadrian”. The author analyzes the mechanism of modeling of historical reality in a literary work about the past and singles out typologically significant components of novelistic thought. The genre dominants of this novel modification are specified.

Keywords: novel, intellectual genre, history, reminiscence, imaginative character, cultural dominant, category of time, reader’s expectation.

Soboleva Nadezhda Vladimirovna — an assistant, postgraduate student of the World Literature Department at Moscow Pedagogical State University, member of the International Center for the Research on M. Yourcenar’s Works (CIDMY, Brussels). Tel.: +7 (499) 132-46-47. E-mail:


Citation: Soboleva N. V. Intellektual'no-istoricheskii roman M. Iursenar «Memuary Adriana»: modelirovanie zhanrovo-tematicheskogo kompleksa // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2011. № 1. S. 168–172.



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