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Youths Interests in Reading (N. A. Seliverstova)

(Moscow University for the Humanities)

Abstract ◊ The article considers the youth’s interests in reading.

Keywords: reader interests of youth, youth, reading, vital interests.

Seliverstova Nina Anatolievna, Doctor of Science (sociology), professor, the deputy head of the Sociology Department at Moscow University for the Humanities. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-60-21. E-mail:


Citation: Seliverstova N. A. Chitatel'skie interesy molodezhi // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2012. 2. S. 324–326.


Bibliography (transliteration): Rubakin N. A. Psikhologiia chitatelia i knigi. Kratkoe vvedenie v bibliologicheskuiu psikhologiiu. M., 1977; Butenko I. A. Chitateli i chtenie na iskhode XX v. : sotsiologicheskie aspekty. M., 1997; Butenko I. A., Biriukov B. V. Chtenie 90-kh: predmet razdumii, predmet issledovanii // Homo legens: Pamiati Sergeia Nikolaevicha Plotnikova (1929–1995). M., 1999. S. 183–204; Butenko I. A. Chtenie na rubezhe vekov: kto, chto i skol'ko chitaet // Chelovek chitaiushchii. Homo legens-2. M., 2000. S. 9–24; Levina M. Z. Chitateli massovoi literatury v 1994–2000 gg. — ot paternalizma k individualizmu? // Monitoring obshchestvennogo mneniia: ekonomicheskie i sotsial'nye peremeny. 2001. 4 (54). S. 30–36; Seliverstova N. A. Roman M. Bulgakova «Master i Margarita» v prochtenii studentov // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2009. 2. S. 194–204; Seliverstova N. A., Iumasheva N. D. Chtenie v studencheskoi srede: opyt sotsiologicheskogo issledovaniia. M., 2009; Seliverstova N. A. Sotsial'nye praktiki chteniia kontenta Interneta v studencheskoi srede // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2011. 1. S. 213–217; Shendrik A. I. Dukhovnaia kul'tura molodezhi kak ob"ekt sotsiologicheskogo issledovaniia : Dis. ... d-ra sotsiol. nauk. M., 1991.

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