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Svalov A. N. On N. V. Stankevichs Tragedy Vasiliy Shuiskiy

(The Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow)

Abstract ♦ The article considers the features of the ideological conception and content of Nikolai Stankevich's tragedy "Vasiliy Shuiskiy". New criteria are offered for the estimation of this first large work of the young author. The development of social ideas in Russia in the 1830s is inseparably associated with his name.

Keywords: Nikolai Stankevich, Russian drama, historical tragedy, patriotism, Russian literature.

Svalov Alexander Nikolaevich, Candidate of History, Full Member, the Academy of Social Sciences (Moscow). E-mail:


Citation: Svalov, A. N. (2012) O tragedii N. V. Stankevicha «Vasilii Shuiskii» [On N. V. Stankevich’s tragedy “Vasiliy Shuiskiy”]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 4, pp. 111–116. (In Russ.).



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