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Main page / "Knowledge. Understanding. Skill" Journal / Contents / 2013 / No. 1

Garafiev I. Z. The Institutional Framework for the Development of Regions Innovative Environment (the Sociological Approach)

(Kazan National Research Technological University)

Abstract ◊ Based on an analysis of the structural and functionalist approach (T. Parsons, R. Merton) and behavioral sociology (G. Homans, John and Janice Baldwin), the article reveals the key influence of the institutions of economy, politics and education on the formation of region’s innovative environment.

Keywords: social institutions, innovative environment.

Garafiev Ilshat Zufarovich, Candidate of Science (history), associate professor of the State Municipal Administration and Sociology Department at Kazan National Research Technological University. Tel.: +7 (843) 231-41-81. E-mail:


Citation: Garafiev I. Z. Institutsional'nye osnovy razvitiia innovatsionnyi sredy regiona (sotsiologicheskii podkhod) // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2013. 1. S. 74–78



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