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Khorina G. P. Power, Politics, Morality: The Problem of Interaction

The article was written with support from Russian Foundation for the Humanities (grant No. 12-03-00542a).

(Moscow University for the Humanities)

Abstract ◊ The article analyzes various interpretations of power, politics, and morality proposed by the thinkers of the East and the West in the historical retrospective. The author presents a modern solution to the problem of the interaction between power, politics, and morality.

Keywords: power, state, morality, universal norms, violence, justice, duty, deceit.

Khorina Galina Petrovna, Doctor of Science (philosophy), professor, the dean of the International Relations and Tourism Faculty at Moscow University for the Humanities. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-75-96. E-mail:


Citation: Khorina G. P. Vlast', politika, nravstvennost': problema vzaimodeistviia [Power, Politics, Morality: The Problem of Interaction]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2013. No. 4. S. 49–56.

Submission date: 15.08.2013.



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