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Kosinova O. A. The Proceedings of the Faculty of Law as a Historical and Pedagogical Source on the Russian Diaspora in China

The article was prepared with support from Russian Foundation for the Humanities (project No. 13-06-00193, “Cross-cultural Interaction in the Educational Space of the Russian Abroad on the Territory of China in the End of the 19th — the First Half of the 20th Centuries: The Historiographic Aspect”).

(Moscow University for the Humanities)

Abstract ◊ The article considers the journal „The Proceedings of the Faculty of Law‟ („Izvestiia Iuridicheskogo fakul'teta‟; 1925–1937, Harbin, China) as a primary historical and pedagogical source. The analysis of the papers published in the journal shows the commitment of the higher school teachers of the Russian emigration in China to the study of the language and culture of the host country. This resulted in the appearance of new trends in the specialization of students.

Keywords: Russian emigration, China, source studies, historical and pedagogical source, educational activity.

Kosinova Oksana Anatolievna, Doctor of Science (pedagogy), associate professor, professor of the Pedagogy and Psychology of the Higher School Department at Moscow University for the Humanities. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-74-59. E-mail:


Citation: Kosinova O. A. «Izvestiia Iuridicheskogo fakul'teta» kak istoriko-pedagogicheskii istochnik o rossiiskom zarubezh'e v Kitae [“The Proceedings of the Faculty of Law” as a Historical and Pedagogical Source on the Russian Diaspora in China]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2013. No. 4. S. 240–243.

Submission date: 15.08.2013.



Gins, G. K. (1925) Pravo na predmety obshchego pol'zovaniia // Izvestiia Iuridicheskogo fakul'teta. T. 1. Kharbin : Zaria. S. 23–45.

Istochnikovedenie: Teoriia. Istoriia. Metod. Istochniki rossiiskoi istorii (1998) : ucheb. posobie / I. N. Danilevskii, V. V. Kabanov, O. M. Medushevskaia, M. F. Rumiantseva. M. : Ross. gos. gumanit. un-t.

Publichnoe zasedanie Soveta professorov Iuridicheskogo fakul'teta i Komiteta po uchrezhdeniiu vysshego uchebnogo zavedeniia v g. Kharbine 1 marta 1925 g. (1926) // Izvestiia Iuridicheskogo fakul'teta. T. 2. Kharbin : Zaria. S. 269–321.

Romaniuk, L. V. (2012) Gumanisticheskaia pedagogika // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2. S. 304–307.

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