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Prikhodko I. S. Alexander Bloks Shakespeare

(The Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Abstract ♦ The article dwells on Shakespeares role and significance for A. Bloks original works. It is concentrated on Shakespearean motifs in his lyrics with an accent on Hamlets psychological complex in Bloks lyrical persona; it also presents Bloks interpretation of the tragedies Othello, King Lear and Macbeth; of special importance is the question of Shakespeares theatre as it has influenced Bloks theatrical theory.

Keywords: W. Shakespeare, A. Blok, Hamlets psychological complex, lyrical persona, drama, tragedy, mystery-play, the worlds a stage, mask, theatricalization, mythologization.

Prikhodko Irina Stepanovna, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Leading Research Associate, Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chair of the Blok Committee, the Deputy Chair of the Shakespeare Committee (Scientific Council of the RAS The History of World Culture). Tel.: +7 (495) 690-50-30. E-mail:


Citation: Prikhodko, I. S. (2013) Shekspir Aleksandra Bloka [Alexander Bloks Shakespeare]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 4, pp. 139145. (In Russ.).

Submission date: 5.05.2013.



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