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Svalov A. N. Nikolai Stankevich: The Voronezh Years

(Russian Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow)

Abstract ♦ The article brings together the available data on the life of Russian thinker and author Nikolai Stankevich in Voronezh in 1825–1830 when he was a student at a private boarding school for boys. By that time, some of the provincial nobility had begun to view education as a life-changing value.

This period of Stankevich’s life has not been studied in the necessary amount of detail. The article looks at the importance of the Voronezh formative years for the prominent Russian thinker.

The documents preserved at the Central Historical Archive in Moscow, the State Archive of Voronezh oblast and at other places shed some light on the private school and Stankevich’s study there. It was during these years that Stankevich began his hallmark practice of self-education, which would continue to shape his intellectual and spiritual development. While living in Voronezh, he set the bar for his personal achievement very high.

During his years at the school, Stankevich wrote his first works (a number of poems and a tragedy titled “Vasilii Shuiskii”). His early poems, imperfect as they are, reveal the joy of creativity and self-expression. Stankevich developed a strong passion for theatre. His years at Voronezh saw the rise and growth of new values for the Russian thinker.

Keywords: N.V. Stankevich, Voronezh, provincial nobility, private schools in Russia, Russian education in the 19th century, literary activity

Svalov Aleksandr Nikolayevich, Candidate of History, Member, Russian Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow. Tel.: +7 (495) 399-15-83. E-mail:


Citation: Svalov, A. N. (2015) Voronezhskie gody Nikolaia Stankevicha [Nikolai Stankevich: The Voronezh years]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 1, pp. 197–205. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.17805/zpu.2015.1.18

Submission date: 22.12.2014.



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