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Oshchepkov A. R. Secret Memoirs by Ch. Masson as an Example of the Literature of Anecdotes on Russia

(The Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language)

Abstract ◊ The article analyses the principles and methods for formation of the image of Russia in the French “literature of anecdotes”, mostly on the basis of “Secret Memoirs” by Ch. Masson. The author discovers the main elements of the Russian “myth”, which is being created by the “literature of anecdotes”.

Keywords: “literature of anecdotes”, educational universalism, “history of kings”, image of the Other, moral and psychological portrait, classic historiography.

Oshchepkov Alexey Romanovich — a Candidate of Science (philology), associate professor of the World Literature Department at the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language. Tel.: +7 (495) 335-07-33. E-mail:


Citation: Oshchepkov A. R. «Sekretnye memuary» Sh. Massona kak obrazets «literatury anekdotov» o Rossii // Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. 2011. 1. S. 160–167.



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