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Popova L. V. The Demonic in M. A. Vrubel's Oeuvre

(Moscow University for the Humanities,
The State Institute of Art Studies)

Abstract ◊ The article investigates into the demonic motives in the creative works by painter M. A. Vrubel. The author considers them as a specific aesthetic conception that had an influence on the Russian artistic creativity of the beginning of the 20th century.

Keywords: M. A. Vrubel, archetype, demon, the unconscious, demonism, the demonic.

Popova Liana Vladimirovna, lecturer of the college at Moscow University for the Humanities; postgraduate at the State Institute of Art Studies. Tel.: +7 (499) 374-51-61. E-mail: Research advisor — Doctor of Science (philosophy), Candidate of Science (philology), professor I. V. Kondakov.


Citation: Popova, L.V. (2013) «Demonicheskoe» v tvorchestve M.A. Vrubelia [The “Demonic” in M. A. Vrubel's Oeuvre]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 4, pp. 278–282. (In Russ.).

Submission date: 1.06.2013.



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