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Main page / "Knowledge. Understanding. Skill" Journal / Contents / 2013 / No. 4

Vavakina T. S. Business Culture, Norms and Principles of Business Partnership among Russian Entrepreneurs

The publication is prepared with support from Russian Foundation for the Humanities (grant No. 12-06-12042в, “Information and Research Database The Social Psychology of Russian Entrepreneurship”).

(The Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Abstract ◊ The article covers some perceptions about business interaction culture. The author analyzes the results of a socio-psychological research of the attitude of Russian businessmen to the values and principles of business partnership.

Keywords: business interaction, business partnership, Russian entrepreneurs, business partner, business culture.

Vavakina Tatiana Sergeevna, Candidate of Science (psychology), associated employee of the Social and Economic Psychology Laboratory at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Tel.: +7 (495) 683-59-30. E-mail:


Citation: Vavakina, T. S. (2013) Delovaia kul'tura, normy i printsipy delovogo partnerstva v srede rossiiskikh predprinimatelei [Business Culture, Norms and Principles of Business Partnership among Russian Entrepreneurs]. Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie, no. 4, pp. 220–226. (In Russ.).

Submission date: 15.08.2013.



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